There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas in Vintage Oaks, what’s missing is the Infrastructure to gather them and the will to execute them.

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Our Vision

Together as one.

A fully functional community, run by a governing body that make major decisions based on the full consensus of the community.

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Solution Sourcing

It is easy to complain about a problem. The thing about complaints is, they do not solve problems. So, by all means have a moan, but, also try and help by submitting a solution. We have adapted this system to enable users to submit possible solutions to the problems our community faces.

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Polls & Voting

A true consensus cannot be reached without owner interaction. We have now created the portal to enable every owner to participate in polls and voting on a variety of issues, from the comfort of their homes. Simple designs mean a much more user friendly interface.
Your vote counts.

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Repair Reporting

A number of owners reached out to us, asking if we could come up with a easy way for owners to report anything that needed repairing. After much discussion it was noted that, many owners do not report issues because they do not want to be seen as a moaner. Click below to learn the solution we have come up with. If you put a shortcut on your phone. You will be able to submit it anonymously in a few clicks.

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